Heres the renders for today..
testing lighting, camera focus.. adding stuff..


Here's some more recent renders.. starting from bottom to top. Experimenting with different lighting settings and situations..


Some generic fork for the table setup task..

Here are some of my first test renders at our first 3d modeling course at school.
the first 3 pictures are rendered using default scanline render and the last one is doe with mental ray.. so i guess im sticking with mr for now.. :D


Just some random little sketch.. i thought this would turn out better... but heres the result anyways.. maybe i'll re-do this some day..
Ps, intuos, no ref. 2-3h (Super slow!) :(


Another version of the 1st blocky style bomber ship.. done for friend...
ps, intuos, noref, about 1h.


Two bomber ship concepts for friend.. one blocky version with a cockpit.. and one smooth version.

no reference
my own 3d models used
about 5 hours
intuos 4
6 hours
simple 3d model
no reference


Here are some of the artworks ive done recently at school..
the bottom one was for graphic design course where we had to design a little image called ex-libris (bookplate, see wikipedia for more info).
the two top ones were done on figure drawing course after school.


Here are some super quick sketches about line weight and perspective i did for one guy who asked me for artistic help about these topics..
the rotor in the helicopter pic is completely off perspective though.. :D haha

Im also visiting a life figure drawing course at our school.. here are the two longer poses ive done so far.. the brownish one was done using coal.. the one where the subject is laying is done using a HB pencil.
And heres the second image.
As always.. i tried to do something different.. something that no one else would think right away.. so i found a original sprite sheet from SMB1 and made the texturing using the original sprites and textures..