Final task of the Mudbox sculpting course.

We had to make a sculpture that had some emotion or feel to it. It had to be some real person.
I did Vladimir as some mafia boss. A bit stylized sculpt with wider shoulders and a bit modified face.

Mudbox 2014
Photoshop CS6
Wacom Intuos 4
6,5 hours
Some reference pictures
Some 3 million polys

I have a turntable animation of this.. Maybe I'll do a making-of some day...

3rd task: Lavater

2 days
4K texture
Reference pictures

So the Mudbox sculpting course is over.

Here are the first two tasks.
- Mr. Bean (Sculptris.. since my Mudbox sculpt was so bad) (1 hour)
- A caricature of some famous person (Slides from my presentation) (2 days. I think I will texture and render this some day)


Was inspired to do one more environment sketch for my classmates ninja-themed iOS game.

Some 2,5-3h
No reference.


Practicing some girls from imagination..
One could see where these girls are from! :) (2 from games and 1 from anime)

Fujitsu T5010

EDIT: added some hair girls for fun.

I applied to Rovio game artist trainee position some month or two ago..
Did not get to the interview part..

About 2 weeks on the whole project.


Went outside to quickly sketch some environments in our area..

Also.. I'm going on a 2-week Mudbox sculpting course next week - Gonna post results here.


A new Fennekin illustration!

Photoshop CS6
Wacom Intuos 4
Reference of Fennekin
2-2,5 hours
Streamed entire process on my Ustream channel.


Here's a speedpainting for today..

Photoshop CS6
Wacom Intuos 4
Some 2-2,5 hours
No reference
The Planet background is a modified screenshot from SpaceEngine that I took.

Streamed the entire process on my Ustream channel.


Some random girls + a funky vehicle. Practising humans.. from imagination.
Photoshop, Wacom.

Maybe I'll do some environment next..