Finally got the PhotoDon Anti-Glare Matte screen protectors! 2 of them.
So that means i can now start sketching and painting for real.
When i throughoutly cleaned the screen just before applying the protector, there were a bunch of small scratches already. So a screen protector is a must for a tablet pc.

Tablet pc
about 2 hours i think..
Heavily inspired by John Harris. My new idol artist.


A little sketch for this evening..
Inspired by some little thumbnail picture i saw while browsing the web.. dunno what pic or where from.. I just got inspired by the colors and contrast in it.
PS. the astronaut on the left is just having some weird radio equipment in his back.. :) not wings or anything like that.


Morning sketch for today. the lighting changed constantly and the cat rolled to the other side in the middle.. so this is not 100% correct.. maybe not even 50% :)


Heres my first sketches on the new tablet pc!
One thing i noticed instantly was that making circles was much much easier than on a wacom. On a wacom tablet i usually needed to make a circle erase the center to get the thickness i need then transform it to needed position and scale with transform tool.
I shall post more sketches tomorrow.


Heres another shot from opposite direction than the previous one.


A try at rendering the guy + a sketch of the environment for our short movie "Gold Rush"
We left behind the bird vs worm idea and teamed up with another team that was doing this short movie. Its about a worker at a mining corp and his boss. Comedy... Im going to make many more sketches and renders so keep in touch with my blog!

Also.. my tablet pc should arrive in like a week or so.. so cool. can't wait!