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Anyways.... Charcoal, 1h, thick gray paper.


This weekend no inspiration to paint or draw.. so .... nothing much..


This time we couldnt do smooth shading and i decided to practice foreshortenings too...

Charcoal, thick gray paper, about 3 hours.

Here are some more self-portraits i did.. but very quickly becuase i had to go to another class..
TOP: 30 mins, a little bit of measuring
BOTTOM: about 5 minutes, no measuring.

Charcoal, thick gray paper.


This time we did a self-portrait. I had to go early so i did just a quick one. I did smooth some parts out.. so i will later take a updated photo of this.

EDIT: updated pic uploaded

charcoal, thick gray paper, mirror.


Top: Day 3 - HB Pencil, task was to use only line art.. no shading.

Bottom: Day 2 - charcoal, task was to paint LIGHT only.. so i put the whole paper black and erased light out of it.


Human life drawing course begun..
Charcoal on gray thick paper.


I did a rock sculpt in Zbrush for our short movie and when in 3DsMax viewport - i zoomed in a bit too much.. thats when this amazing inspiration-overflowing world opened to me :)
a quick 3d render and the final painting

T5010, No reference.. about 1,5h

I am going to make more of these!

Outside my window at parents place..
T5010, 2-3h


Working on this girl now..
obviously this is just a sneak-peak -type of pic.. the final one is going to be in color.
This is one girl i know from the school next to ours.
From life.

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