Partially rigged.. Now time to setup a foot roll and hair/skirt cloth simulations.
Then i can animate.


I really hope Blogspot didnt make these pictures 21231230 times darker once again..
Anyways.. heres an update on the magician girl im working on on the Blender basics course.
No idea about rendering in Blender.. :)
All textures 2K from Photoshop.

Next to do is: Texturing eyes, Linking objects, Rigging, Animating...


Im on a Blender course right now..
Did this magic school girl, now its time to unwrap her and texture.. then im going to rig her, animate and render out. Got 1 week to do this.

Head and body done in 3dsMax. head sculpt done in Sculptris.

Not sure yet how to do the hair.. got 3 options: hair particle simulation, planes with alpha texture and a single solid mesh.


Just a quick sketch of my beloved Kagiyama Hina for this Caturday evening.
no ref
about 30 min maybe?

This is nice.. maybe i'll paint it big. This started in MS Paint in like 500x300 resolution. :)


Heres the 2nd emotion that we had to do.