Here's one for this weekend..

Russian road.. from memory. With some help from relatives.

Photoshop CS3
No reference.


A quick 1 hour sketch..

Photoshop CS6
Wacom Intuos 4
About 1h
Some forest reference...


An updated version of Xerneas Scarlet painting.

With correct antlers and some other minor fixes.

Reference pics of Xerneas.



Some alien head.

Began sculpt in Sculptris
Details in 3D Coat
No ref.
+ some funny SSS render in Blender.

.. dunno why it did that. I just wanted a little amount of sss but it did the entire head!


User Sinix runs a Design Lab at ConceptArt.org.
This weeks environment theme was "Urban Waterfall" futuristic themed...
I thought I might give it a go.

Quick blocking in Blender
1 evening
Some park reference photos


So I thought I'd do some cliché fantasy item for my 2nd thesis presentation at school and show people the Photoshop 3D painting tool workflow at the same time.
I recorded whole process on video. The whole thing took me about 3 hours and 30 minutes to finish. (Would have been a LOT faster if I didn't have to struggle on every step due to lack of experience).
Video coming next week after the presentation!

Here are some screenshots and the steps though..
- Concept in Alchemy
- Painting in Photoshop
- Low-poly modeling in Blender
- Unwrapping in Blender
- Voxelizing in 3D Coat
- Sculpting in 3D Coat
- Grabbing normals and ambient occlusion from xNormals (It did the best job out of these three)
- Texture painting in Photoshop
- Trying to enhance the texture in dDo (it looked good enough with the default maps already so I just used it as a realtime renderer)
- Quick render in Blender Render (Funny how the viewport GLSL view looked much better than the render)


Testing out 3D Coat voxel sculpting..

Pretty neat. Although I had a bug or something where I sculpted all the details for 40 minutes or so after the initial base sculpt, then I pressed Ctrl-Z and it got rid of all the details. I loaded last save but it was exact same as current one. So I had to re-do everything. :/