A quick sketch for this evening..

Damn i dont know does Blogspot make it darker or what.. but this is a lot darker than i was uploading..


Second painting of the inspired-by-speed-racer-concept-art-sketches -series :)

Wacom Intuos 4
Photoshop cs5
No ref.
About 5 hours maybe..
Sketching and the whole painting process streamed live on ustream :)


1st test with the new physical brushes in photoshop cs5
the full "3d tracking" of the pen looks cool!
Theyr still a bit hard to use..


Im not 100% sure if this one is complete.. i guess it is.. I would want to add people and more detail in it.. if only i could draw people.. :)
Heres the Final v.1 at least..

Took me freakin half a year to finish! heh..
Photoshop Cs3
Intuos 4
No reference

Maybe i will put an updated version of this sometime later.. dunno..