And heres one of the vehicles below..

No ref.
The whole process was streamed live at USTREAM.tv so if you werent there.. you missed some good techniques! ;)


Some car designs.. mine of course.. inspired by Speed Racer concept art obviously..
So wich one should i render? Maybe i will even do one in 3d.. who knows.. I was sorta leaning towards number 1.. since that was the 1st original idea i had.. the others were just brainstorming results..


A jeep i drew during my live painting stream on USTREAM site.
I like this design and maybe i will render it in color.. or maybe model in 3d even.. dunno yet..

In the process of drawing this i found an astonishing new technique to create three-dimensional-looking vehicle from two dimensional sideview! I will not share it with anyone as it is my own artistic right.. ;)


A typical summer view outside our window on 8th floor.
Nokia 5800 XM

Stuff i did on my mobile phone.. Nokia 5800 XM Blue
And the different programs i used. The latest program i use, "Lapix" finally has all the 16 million colors that i always needed.. Too bad the opacity is working there in Very odd and unexpected ways...


Is this ok? For 3dsmax, ps, zbrush, possibly maya.. and so on.. oh and crysis/crysis2 and so on.. :)