Trying out whether i still am able to draw/paint..
The first head i painted from scratch in photoshop was a total disaster.. but this one was better. I drew this on paper first though...

Wacom intuos 4
2 hours
no reference.


heres a little update.. next step would be unwrapping of everything and texturing..
blender 2.54.00 Beta


Been trying out Blender lately.. heres my first work with it... some sorta engine i guess.. no idea.
Blender has some quite nice and fast tools... but at the same time i quite often find myself searching for hours for a super simple tool that would normally be visible straight away in 3DsMax...
This is still a work-in-progress. I am going to morel more stuff to it and in the end im going to unwrap everything and texture needed parts.


A small update on the model..
Rigging course started and we have done legs and the spine.. When i'll rig the whole character - i'll put some more poses of it/her.