Added a big "V" letter that'll slice the apple.. added animation.. camera animation.. motion blur.. ground plane... own "environment" for the "V"...


Heres a test shot for today.. Tomorrow i'll be animating the whole thing! ;)


A test shot of the rendering style and lighting for the logo animation task at animation course.
mental ray
Hand painted "hdr" for reflections
Hand painted BG image
Apple from Zbrush
Basic depth of field effect + film grain effect


A zbrush apple for a animation task at our animation basics class...
Finally got SubTool Master plugin to work..


Heres some shots from todays life drawing session.. i just added the top one since i liked it and it has potential for making it into some painting in the future.. looks so long and avatar-ish..


Here i found a nice photoshop effect.. looks actually pretty realistic. i had to place the eyes manually though since i didnt find a way to bake the texture to the face and start modifying textures of the eyes and hair... :(
Tried to use ZAppLink plugin to texture the head.. the workflow is kinda confusing a bit.. i had some trouble bringing it back to zbrush.


Started on a new sculpt.. gona make a Einhänder game inspired hand.. heres the first test shot of todays evening.. Hands are pretty hard to get right..


another shot on the model.. nothing special.. just found out how to control the lighting and materials.. it seems that MatCap materials have lighting built in into them.. thus you cant control them.. but the standard materials are totally controllable. Rendering is still a bit odd.. i chose the double size (1600x1200) this time also.. but it still gave out a smaller render 800x600 this time! compared to last times 600 pixels wide that means progress! :D