This is the painting i did for the 1-week digital paiting course's final task. The task was just to simply paint a more detailed, more finished painting than the rest tasks we did...

I've wanted to paint some classic oil-paintingy looking iconic looking paiting for some time now... featuring some shuttle or a spaceship..

No reference (some reference for the launch pad)
About 3-4 days.

btw.. here is the final 1.5h of the painting process: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/18180928


The Digital painting in Photoshop course has ended.. and i did a bunch of paintings.. I just got one more to finish - the final task of the course.

Here is a weekend from-life -painting.

About 3-4 hours.


Some cars for today...
and at the bottom is the original iPod sketch i did some 2 years ago on our summer cottage.. the newer one i put here some time ago was done this year on my Xperia Arc phone.


Some robos for today.. was too lazy to render these.. the last one is a Canon scanner -bot :)
I started on something much bigger..

Not going to show you any sketch of it because its so messy.. but it will be done during next week. Its a cloudy scene of a delayed shuttle launch.


Tuesdays paintings...
+ a sketch of some random sportscar.. but it wasnt good enough to put here.

Top: PS, Wacom, No reference, 1h 40min
Bottom: PS, Wacom, No reference, about 40 minutes i think.


1st day of the digital painting in Photoshop course im going to on this week.

Apparently like 80% of the students on this course have only the minimal basic knowledge of Photoshop - so teacher is forced to keep it really simple and the first day went totally in getting to know the Photoshop layout and its basic functions.

So i went my own way and painted the speakers that were standing on the teachers table right infront of me.

Photoshop CS5
Wacom Intuos 3 A4
Life reference
About 4 hours.


Heres a new one.. a bit longer illustration this time.

3d blocking in Blender
some colors from MaCrea
1 week on random days.

This is a picture of finalization of an android girl assembly - uploading the final data directly into the android's spinal hub.


Here's an up-to-date test build of the game. I also took video of it.
Lookn' good.. the animations of the cranes work too.

About 15-20k polys.. i think
steady 55-60 fps

We are almost half way in the project. After this week - its gona be all polishing and testing..


Were making some progress!
btw... only 3 objects here in the scene! and only 3 textures :D


some random plum i ate during lunch at school
painted from memory

Photoshop CS5
Wacom Intuos 2 A4

2nd pic:
Tried out Sketchbook xpress on my android phone while we were in the country.

Xperia Arc
Sketchbook express.