Haven't drawn cars for a long time..
Sucks.. :( Except for the bottom one.. that looks ok. Maybe i'll paint it some day.


Evening painting..

Tablet pc
Whole evening
No reference.


A quick evening sketch practice on the tablet pc. Colors corrected afterward on workstation pc.
Its my beloved Sennheisers... just without the cable.. :)


A portable Cintiq - myth? -> Myth my ass! :D


Finally got the PhotoDon Anti-Glare Matte screen protectors! 2 of them.
So that means i can now start sketching and painting for real.
When i throughoutly cleaned the screen just before applying the protector, there were a bunch of small scratches already. So a screen protector is a must for a tablet pc.

Tablet pc
about 2 hours i think..
Heavily inspired by John Harris. My new idol artist.


A little sketch for this evening..
Inspired by some little thumbnail picture i saw while browsing the web.. dunno what pic or where from.. I just got inspired by the colors and contrast in it.
PS. the astronaut on the left is just having some weird radio equipment in his back.. :) not wings or anything like that.


Morning sketch for today. the lighting changed constantly and the cat rolled to the other side in the middle.. so this is not 100% correct.. maybe not even 50% :)


Heres my first sketches on the new tablet pc!
One thing i noticed instantly was that making circles was much much easier than on a wacom. On a wacom tablet i usually needed to make a circle erase the center to get the thickness i need then transform it to needed position and scale with transform tool.
I shall post more sketches tomorrow.


Heres another shot from opposite direction than the previous one.


A try at rendering the guy + a sketch of the environment for our short movie "Gold Rush"
We left behind the bird vs worm idea and teamed up with another team that was doing this short movie. Its about a worker at a mining corp and his boss. Comedy... Im going to make many more sketches and renders so keep in touch with my blog!

Also.. my tablet pc should arrive in like a week or so.. so cool. can't wait!


Trying out whether i still am able to draw/paint..
The first head i painted from scratch in photoshop was a total disaster.. but this one was better. I drew this on paper first though...

Wacom intuos 4
2 hours
no reference.


heres a little update.. next step would be unwrapping of everything and texturing..
blender 2.54.00 Beta


Been trying out Blender lately.. heres my first work with it... some sorta engine i guess.. no idea.
Blender has some quite nice and fast tools... but at the same time i quite often find myself searching for hours for a super simple tool that would normally be visible straight away in 3DsMax...
This is still a work-in-progress. I am going to morel more stuff to it and in the end im going to unwrap everything and texture needed parts.


A small update on the model..
Rigging course started and we have done legs and the spine.. When i'll rig the whole character - i'll put some more poses of it/her.


Final tweaks before the course..
No time to model the cloth parts.. so i had to quickly map the model and paint in viewport painting mode.. i wanted het to have some sorta BLAME! -inspired techno leather suit or something like that.. :(


Added some boots to the rigging character for more visual interest.. what else i should add? Note: cant have any hanging clothes.. cant do clothes yet..


wip shot of a humanoid character for rigging course that we'll have soon..
F*cking mentalray and mr lights.. they just dont work like u want to.. :(
in the 2nd shot mentalray just decided to leave out shadows on ground completely.. nice work mr!


Some kind of futuristic panda-themed cyber girl..
no ref.
maybe 30-45 mins..?


This time its my own character.

Wacom intuos 4
3 days


Sketch for a friend..

I think maybe 30 mins...?
no reference


Look, Cirno is all grown up now! :D haha!

Wacom intuos 4
a reference pic for the pose
a reference pic for the colors
2 days


Cirno is all grown up now!
I'm gona try to render this one some day..

EDIT: Re-drawn the lineart today.. Maybe tomorrow i shall render this.
BTW... do you like the angry looking cirno or the new smiling one?

EDIT2: heres the pretty much final lineart.. fixed a bunch of stuff like removed too fat areas and fixed proportions thanks to aid of my friends..


No motivation to paint for today.. :( but i tried to pull out a little speedpaint for this evening.. I lack enough imagination or something.. because i did this one really slowly.. Gotta loosen it up and try some other time again..


just some random practice sketches.. I think i should do more realistic painting/speedpainting soon.


Just trying out drawing in different style than usual.. carry on...
Suika Ibuki.. ^^ so sweet.. tsurupettan.


Here are my entries for graphics (top) and Fast graphics (bottom) competitions at Assembly Summer 2010 in Helsinki.

A bit info on them both:
top one:
2-3 days
no reference
wacom intuos 4
Placed 16th out of 30

bottom one:
40 mins.
a reference pic for the dude
wacom intuos 4
placed 2nd out of 35


A more realistic painting for a change..
A T-72

2 days
reference images for the tank and some for the colors..

whole process streamed and most of which recorded on Ustream!
Here are the 2 parts (each pretty much 3 hours)
http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/8635663 (part1) (part 2 can be found from the same site.)

EDIT: hmm... i think i found a solution to the blogspot-darkening-the-images-300%-issue!!
As i added a 100% black borders on top and bottom, the picture didn't get all that dark! just a little this time.. (but still a bit too much) :(


Damn.. blogspot made it twice darker again.. :( sorry..

anyways.. heres a update WIP shot.. (shots) slowly making tiny progress...

BTW.. anyone got any kind of idea why blogspot started suddenly darkening all my pictures like 10 times?? hasn't happened before.


some ideas.. tiny sketches on paper.
Which one you like? Should i paint some of these? Or they all lack originality and are not worth painting? I have no idea.. :)


F*ck!! Blogspot made the pic ten times darker as always!! what the hell!??

1 evening...
no reference.. a self-portrait on how i see myself.. :)

EDIT: i tried to improve the highlights and midtones like 5 times higher.. but still it gets f*cking under-exposed!! W..T...F......


A view from our window. 23.07.2010


Trying to draw/paint in a sorta semi-realistic manga style..
I like the lineart more than the render.

Intuos 4
No reference
1 1/2 days


Test render of the rims..

My workstation desk.. why the hell am i showing this to you.. i dunno, just for fun.


wacom intuos 4
no reference
3 hours
whole process streamed live on ustream.
recorded the whole 3 hours!!


I began modeling the 1st of the 3 cars.. Lookin' good so far... :)
2 days


This is the second speedpainting i did for S-Art on Ustream.

No reference
about 2-3 hours
The whole progress of this one and the previous one were both streamed live on ustream.tv
Speedpainting for S-Art from Ustream

No reference
about 1 hour


The 3rd of the series..
I am going to do one of these in 3D..

No reference
2 days


A quick sketch for this evening..

Damn i dont know does Blogspot make it darker or what.. but this is a lot darker than i was uploading..


Second painting of the inspired-by-speed-racer-concept-art-sketches -series :)

Wacom Intuos 4
Photoshop cs5
No ref.
About 5 hours maybe..
Sketching and the whole painting process streamed live on ustream :)


1st test with the new physical brushes in photoshop cs5
the full "3d tracking" of the pen looks cool!
Theyr still a bit hard to use..


Im not 100% sure if this one is complete.. i guess it is.. I would want to add people and more detail in it.. if only i could draw people.. :)
Heres the Final v.1 at least..

Took me freakin half a year to finish! heh..
Photoshop Cs3
Intuos 4
No reference

Maybe i will put an updated version of this sometime later.. dunno..


And heres one of the vehicles below..

No ref.
The whole process was streamed live at USTREAM.tv so if you werent there.. you missed some good techniques! ;)