Some weird scifi priests painting.. came out from life figure drawing course sketches..
reminds me of star wars somehow.. i got more life drawing sketches that i could use for paintings.. maybe i'll do some more..



Our 3d class is over for this year.. and im trying to model one of my concept cars at free time now. I still have to do the musical instrument task until the end of this year.

just some quick renders.. nothing special.. it still has soo much polygon errors...


Some speakers concepts for our next task..


Heres the last image for our task.
3d max 2009
photoshop cs3
wacom intuos 4
mental ray

Next task is to model a detailed musical instrument... i thought of maybe doing a syntezator.. should have lots of detail to model.. :D


2nd version..


Heres the final pic of the 1st lighting version..
3ds max 2009
photoshop cs3
wacom intuos 4
inspired by Moon movie and some old scifi movies


For the hotel suite task we had to do two different lighting situations.. so i did two different matte paintings. Both are half photo manipulated and half hand painted. Both are around 8-10k wide


Some different lighting tests.. the order is top picture: old bottop picture: new
Damn this blogspot image upload is weird.. the first picture i uploaded appeared last here... oh wait.... that actually makes logic.. haha :)


Just practicing after school.. WARNING! This model was made by closely following a tutorial i found on pixel2life.com.. so its nothing special.. :)

Some little progress.. Cant create any usable lighting yet.. :(
Making the hotel suite in space seems impossible with my knowledge.. need help..


Items for the suite task. WIP..


behold.. a chair.. took me "only" about 6 hours to model.. :)

Heres something i did on my own time after work on this weekend.. its a speaker set + tv.. actually i desgined the peaker to be a stand alone but then thought about how it could look like with a tv and another speaker...


Photometric lights test with different ies datas...

Final pic..


Slow progress..