This time its my own character.

Wacom intuos 4
3 days


Sketch for a friend..

I think maybe 30 mins...?
no reference


Look, Cirno is all grown up now! :D haha!

Wacom intuos 4
a reference pic for the pose
a reference pic for the colors
2 days


Cirno is all grown up now!
I'm gona try to render this one some day..

EDIT: Re-drawn the lineart today.. Maybe tomorrow i shall render this.
BTW... do you like the angry looking cirno or the new smiling one?

EDIT2: heres the pretty much final lineart.. fixed a bunch of stuff like removed too fat areas and fixed proportions thanks to aid of my friends..


No motivation to paint for today.. :( but i tried to pull out a little speedpaint for this evening.. I lack enough imagination or something.. because i did this one really slowly.. Gotta loosen it up and try some other time again..


just some random practice sketches.. I think i should do more realistic painting/speedpainting soon.


Just trying out drawing in different style than usual.. carry on...
Suika Ibuki.. ^^ so sweet.. tsurupettan.


Here are my entries for graphics (top) and Fast graphics (bottom) competitions at Assembly Summer 2010 in Helsinki.

A bit info on them both:
top one:
2-3 days
no reference
wacom intuos 4
Placed 16th out of 30

bottom one:
40 mins.
a reference pic for the dude
wacom intuos 4
placed 2nd out of 35


A more realistic painting for a change..
A T-72

2 days
reference images for the tank and some for the colors..

whole process streamed and most of which recorded on Ustream!
Here are the 2 parts (each pretty much 3 hours)
http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/8635663 (part1) (part 2 can be found from the same site.)

EDIT: hmm... i think i found a solution to the blogspot-darkening-the-images-300%-issue!!
As i added a 100% black borders on top and bottom, the picture didn't get all that dark! just a little this time.. (but still a bit too much) :(