Work in Progress.. took me 3 full days to make this... im so slow.. :(
But little by little im making progress.. ill put more wip shots as i continue on detailing the model.


And heres the final design in orthographic views...
at least i think this is final.. maybe in the 3d modeling process it will change a bit. who knows.. Gonna start modeling as soon as i feel ready.. :)


ideas... all crappy.. 1 and 4 are the closest to what i was going for...


I decided to do a guitar instead of the cd turntable for our 3d course..
But, of course, not just an ordinary one.. but with my design! Inspired obviously by Guilty Gear (search "Guilty Gear Best Sound" in google image search)
The body in the bottom pic is a bit too big and heavy.. its gona be more light and techy in the end i guess.


Last task at our photography course. Theme: Daily school trip (max 6 pics)
Max Payne inspired
Text by Treboun.blogspot.com


Anybody knows how to color with overlay mode so that the colors wont get too intense like in my tries?


Another Work in progress project...

Work in progress