From life.
My tea cup.
PS, T5010, about 2h.
Just some random dude. Photoshop scribbling. Practicing people...
PS, T5010, no reference.


A sketch for today..
Supposed to be just a quick speedpaint.. but I got dragged in a bit..
Kinda bad actually.. because I should be able to do these kind of simple scenes in about an hour using custom brushes.

no reference.
Macross series -inspired


Screenshots from the first 10 seconds of my character animation task for the 2D Animation in Flash -course.. teacher gave permission to do it in After Effects.. so it was an obvious choice.. You can do soo much nicer looking stuff in it.

The whole animation is in a work-in-progress stage.. so even this scene could change in the final version. Too bad i made a stupid mistake while painting the tree trunk and painted the shaodw of the leaves straight into the trunk.. Now i can't animate the shadow.. damn. Don't wabt to re-paint whole trunk either..


Was generating random designs and worked out one of them...
Gonna color this one later!
and yes... thats a giant golden ring on top.. the ring spins INSANELY fast, thus lifting the ultra heavy aircraft.. the stong magnets on top hold the ring in place.

I guess this is sorta inspired by the DoDonPachi series?....

oh and yeah... got another one like this in rough sketch stage.. that one is a smaller, more maneuverable version of this one.