Some random recent stuff


Random stuff from the past 2-3 weeks or so

Some are Photoshop, some are SAI.


Got Paint Tool SAI. Tried painting and drawing a bit with it. It's quite simple and lacks any advanced image editing capabilities of Photoshop. The painting brushes though and simply amazing and the blending brush gives me pleasure. Airbrush is quite soft too but all brushes are maxed out at 500 pixels for some reason.

Anyways. Here is one little test painting with it.
Some liquify, contrast improvements and the clouds were done in Photoshop.
SAI can directly export a PSD file with all the layers and layer blending modes intact. Very nice.


All kinds of random stuff from the past month or two :)
I have more.. but these are enough for now.

Little evening sketches (the first 5) and a finished painting (last one)


New stuff! :)


Some Lugia for this evening..

About 3h
Some reference pics


Version 2.
Hoenn region version.

+ added a Rayquaza submarine


- Latias drone
- Manned version of Latios
- Air Kyogre
- Kalos region theme

Photoshop CS6
Wacom Intuos 4
3 days.

EDIT: Added some making-of pictures
EDIT2: I noticed these are Hoenn legendaries but the theme is Kalos.. I will fix this some day. I'll add a sea + switch the "air force" French text to poke text if I can.