Haven't done any personal "big" paintings for a while now.. so here's one!

I accidentally found a great environment painter in Ustream, named "Dentyou". I got so inspired that I had to quickly sketch out my idea. It got approved by the original artist and now its finished.

It is the same city as mr. Dentyous's city, but a different part of the city.

Photoshop CS5
Wacom Intuos 4
3 days (about 5-8 hours a day i think)
Blender (for 3d blocking)
MS Paint for sketch!
Color and design reference from Dentyous original painting.

Here are some detail shots:


A view outside our window at parents place..
I added a flying ship!

Sketched on my tablet.
Rendered on my workstation pc.

2 days.
About 6-7h

Its always very fun/cool to imagine/see huge gigantic ships hovering or flying over your head.. don't you see them?


Last day of the environment painting course. (I thought this was a 2-week course - but it was just 8 day long!)
I painted some cliffs on my path to school.

About 2h.

Now back to work! Warpets is at finishing stages! Beta testing will start soon!


On last day of 1st week we did urban environment painting..
Heres a library right at our institute.

1st pic is the final, 2nd is a more vibrant, saturated version.. I think it looks good.. so I put it here as well.

I only managed to sketch the building and quickly paint rough shapes and lighting.. then I continued at home with a photo reference.

Some 3 - 3,5 hours all together I think..


Today we all had to paint water..

About 1,5h
Heureka, Tikkurila Finland.


This time I tried doing some mad made stuff...
The weather was pretty windy and cold.. and I sat in difficult position.. So I managed only to sketch this view. Then I took a photo of it and continued painting at home.

Some 3 hours i think..
Reference photo for colors and lighting...

PS, Originally the scene was much colder and a bit lighter.. I tried adding a warming filter and it looked even better.. so I put it here instead of the original color one.


2nd day..

Same stuff..
and same time i guess.. some 1,5h


Im on a environment painting course at school right now.

Heres what I did on the 1st day.

Fujitsu T5010
About 1,5h
Life reference.
99% done with 1 brush. I think it was some Viag Oil1 or maybe it was Rainart's brush..

Near Heureka science center in Tikkurila, Finland.