So heres the final pyramid -pic.. + a new task. we had to go draw movement outside.. so of course we went to a lake.. drew some birds and shit..
and the painting task was obviously use the sketches and reference and paint "movement"..
Drawing movement is actually super hard! All the sketches ended up as still pictures of motion life. At least in painting its a bit easier..

2-3 days on the pyramid pic
about 3 hours on the bird pic i think..
No ref.


Damn.. i think im having an artist block again.. :(
I had some real trouble with this one.. at first i was very inspired from a tiny (about 100x60 pixels) pic from the screenshots i took from our UDK level.. but very quickly i had no idea how to advance.. no idea about the details, the perspective or anything.

It took me 2 days (whole weekend) to paint this little by little.. Playing ff13, browsing the web and watching anime in between.. I wanted to add a little spaceman in the front.. but i was so frustrated and demotivated at the end that i decided that the pic was done without him.

The idea was to create a huge, gigantic white ship approaching the spaceman.. and the pic would be taken with a very long tele lens to create a very two dimensional feeling.

a quick blockout in 3dsmax
2 days


Is this an ok pc setup for 3d/2d work + occasional hi end gaming?
I really hope blogspot didnt downsize the pic too much.. some bigger pics turn out like crap here on BS :(


Heres a early progress shot of the painting.. + the 1st sketch that i did for this task yesterday... after looking at it some more... and asking people. i think this one turned out actually quite interesting..

oh well.. i'd better then do the pyramid -pic to the finished stage then..


another sketch for the painting course..
a sketch for school's traditional painting course.. Never used acrylics.. but gona try them out.

about 2h i think...
no ref.


Heres the pretty much final UDK level task i did at school with a fellow team mate.
More info here: http://dekus.deviantart.com/art/UDK-Hangar-level-p1-160132987

PS, these are all real time rendered with Unreal engine 3
I'll probably put some 3dsmax shots later here..

Damn.. Blogspot compressed the pics to Super small.. :( check the DeviantArt page for bigger pics..


Some items.. Looks pretty nice.. Good thing all my items are pretty blocky.. a box/planar mapping is enough.. :D
Geometry is in pretty much final stage.. Now i can start on uw mapping stuff and painting some textures.. when that is all done, ill import all pieces separately in UDK and start on re-building the whole level again + adding UDK's own decals and static meshes to help out my blockout..

96k polys (most items are just duplicated around..)
3-4 days.. i dont remember..


some wip shots of the level were doing for UDK.. still gotta shitload of shit to model.. then i have to unwrap every single object and texture it.. then put all the separate pieces in UDK and add some of the udk's own static meshes to make more detail..
we have about a week left...