More legendary pokemon!

Since I did Xerneas last time.. I thought.. maybe I need to do Yveltal too. But I'm not a bit Yveltal fan. So I painted both!
After studying Yveltal I actually started to like him/her/it! Although the tail is a bit odd, the whole design is actually pretty cool.

Photoshop CS6
Wacom Intuos 4 A5
Some 3-4 days.. random times.
Reference pictures of the legendaries + some lakes in Alaska.

Here is the FullHD version for a desktop wallpaper if anyone wants...

Here is the original little sketch I did during a life drawing class at school.


  1. I know this is wrong of me to ask, but, it would it possible for you to paint the male trainer next to Yveltal and the female trainer next to Xerneas. The picture is the best Pokemon X & Y picture ever made but I feel it could use the trainers to make it feel really detailed. Again, it's wrong of me to ask but I would really like it if you could take to time to think about my request. Please contact me with your reply.

    1. Hello!
      Thank you for your comment! I appreciate it very much.
      Hmm.. I cooould... doo that.. but I can't promise anything. Sorry. I wanted to portray the legendaries as natural animals in their natural habitat. Not as battle creatures. And I already did a re-paint of this with added pokemon. You can see my other blog posts to see it.

    2. OK, that's sounds good! I know it's up to you but I believe the picture would look great with the new trainers but I accept the fact that you might not do this but that's OK as it's your painting.

  2. Amazing art, I love this, the feeling I get just from staring at your work. I cant really explain the feeling. Do you sell Prints, or will you?

    1. Hi! Thank you very much! I don't sell any prints since I do these just as a hobby at free time. But I could start selling posters when I have enough quality artwork!