So I thought I'd do some cliché fantasy item for my 2nd thesis presentation at school and show people the Photoshop 3D painting tool workflow at the same time.
I recorded whole process on video. The whole thing took me about 3 hours and 30 minutes to finish. (Would have been a LOT faster if I didn't have to struggle on every step due to lack of experience).
Video coming next week after the presentation!

Here are some screenshots and the steps though..
- Concept in Alchemy
- Painting in Photoshop
- Low-poly modeling in Blender
- Unwrapping in Blender
- Voxelizing in 3D Coat
- Sculpting in 3D Coat
- Grabbing normals and ambient occlusion from xNormals (It did the best job out of these three)
- Texture painting in Photoshop
- Trying to enhance the texture in dDo (it looked good enough with the default maps already so I just used it as a realtime renderer)
- Quick render in Blender Render (Funny how the viewport GLSL view looked much better than the render)

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