Did an illustration for a friend.

Photoshop CS6
Wacom Intuos 4
Some reference pics
2 days
Printed a 100cm poster.


  1. Wow, Dekus, that one's pretty cute. Is that the first cute Pokemon picture that you've done? Anyway, did you notice that the way you placed both Furrets makes the sign of infinity. Again, great artwork, keep it up, I bit your friend you illustrated this for, died when you showed him it as his mind was blown.

    P.S: Have you seen some Elsword pics, if not, I can send you pictures of my personal favourite that I've found

    1. Hi.
      Thank you.
      Yes. the illustrations name is "Infinite love". I have a cute Fennekin painting here that I did before..

      I haven't looked at the Elsword pictures. I've been away for a while and now finally came back. Now I must finish a few illustrations and continue doing my thesis work.. So I'm not sure if I will have time to do any commission illustrations. Maybe some day on the weekend..