Heres the final model so far.. Zbrush is NOT an intuitive program to use... ive had many head aching problems with it.. all tools are named weirdly and most of the time i have no idea what to press in order for it to do what i want..
For example a 2d (actually 2.5d) picture is called a Document... and a 3d model is not a file or anything.... its a TOOL! WTF? you make TOOLS! I want to USE tools... not MAKE them! :D
Rendering a picture is an art of its own.. although theres a option window for moving and controlling the lighting.. its not working.... simply wont do a thing.... and if you want to render a 1600x1200 pixels big picture out.... it will give you a 600 pixels wide one!! Wow... what a great feature.. (cough cough...)
Well... theres always good parts about anything... at least the sculpting is nice and relatively fun.. but seriously.. to search for hours on how to make a Super simple thing that you want is Not fun..

Oh well.... this all only means that i need to watch MORE tutorial videos... 50 more hours of non stop tutorials... :(

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