Damn.. i think im having an artist block again.. :(
I had some real trouble with this one.. at first i was very inspired from a tiny (about 100x60 pixels) pic from the screenshots i took from our UDK level.. but very quickly i had no idea how to advance.. no idea about the details, the perspective or anything.

It took me 2 days (whole weekend) to paint this little by little.. Playing ff13, browsing the web and watching anime in between.. I wanted to add a little spaceman in the front.. but i was so frustrated and demotivated at the end that i decided that the pic was done without him.

The idea was to create a huge, gigantic white ship approaching the spaceman.. and the pic would be taken with a very long tele lens to create a very two dimensional feeling.

a quick blockout in 3dsmax
2 days

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