I took myself on a task to see if I can replicate the look of environments that Manga artists do.
But I discovered something even more interesting..

I still have absolutely zero idea how the hell all those Japanese manga artists draw those mind-blowing environments.. dozens of them.. HUNDREDS.. But I discovered that NO MATTER what environment you draw in Japan, in manga style, it will ALWAYS look AMAZING! Japan is just that beautiful of a country.
This shot was a completely 100% totally random pick in Google Maps.
After this I found several more amazing scenes that would look phenomenal if rendered in Manga style. All in a radius of 300 meters of this area.

Photoshop CS6
Wacom Intuos 4
1. Drew (Traced) lineart
2. Drew (Traced) all the organic lines
3. Drew (Traced) all the cables
4. Began layering the shading using the half-tone pattern filter.
5. Fixing and final details

Some 2 weeks.. random days.. random times..

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