My entry for this years Assembly Summer 2013 happening.
7th place out of 19 entries or so.

7-8 days
Some reference pics
Basic 3d blocking in Blender
Inspired by Armored Core

The story is that Humanity has faced some unknown enemy. Black creatures that came from the darkness. Wiped out 90% of population - humans found shelter underground. They fixed the last armored mobile suits they found and trying to fight for the last hope.

EDIT: here is the making-of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRl-Bj2tWvI&feature=c4-overview&list=UUkUbtb_4fW7oqmIGewsl7EQ

My entry for the Fast Graphics (aka speedpainting) competition at Assembly Summer 2013
The theme was "More hardware is not the solution".
Painted in some 40 minutes.

Fujitsu T5010 tablet.


  1. Hi Dekus! I haven't seen you for a while. If your still in the business of drawing awesome Pokemon pics you should check out three of the new Pokemon they just revealed. And they are: MegaAbsol, MegaBlaziken and MegaLucario! If you're wondering why their names start with Mega, check on Pokemon sites like Serebii and Pokebeach! All right, can't wait to hear from you next time, see ya!

  2. Hi. Yeah I've seen the trailer..
    I have been busy with my thesis work. I do have two pokemon illustration ideas in my mind.. Maybe I'll do them some day.. who knows. I also may have work coming up - if so, then I'll be even more busy.

  3. OK sounds great! I hope you get that work. Would it be OK if you told me the two ideas for a Pokemon illustration that you have? Until next time, see ya!

  4. Actually it's 3 ideas.. A sports car inspired by Dialga, Yveltal as a Hell bird in hell environment and Lugia + Yveltal hugging/arm-wrestling.